Family Research – Heritage Tour

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Have you ever wondered where your ancestors came from? Who were they? Where did they live? What are their backgrounds? What does their family name mean? Were they simple farmers or perhaps they had nobility ancestors? If you don’t have time in this hectic world to look for traces of your ancestors, we will be glad to help you!

A tree needs its roots from which it can feed; you also need to know your ancestors, which can strengthen your ties to your family, nation, your own and your ancestors’ homeland.

You will surely remember that in the past you once saw yellowed papers with names and dates written in circle or even pearl letters.

Who are in the old family photos? Where did their ancestors live and what did they do 200-300 years ago?

Were they serfs or knights who defeated the Turks? Were they stocky, busy peasants? Were they wandering craftsmen, merchants? Where does grandpa’s coat of arms ring come from? Who escaped from the great-grandmother?

Program description:

Where did my relatives live? Where did they really come from? Let’s answer this question! We would search and learn! Discover the town of your ancestors in a way you will never forget!

The tour focuses on the town / village of his predecessors, where they grew up and lived! Before arriving, we will agree with the city register based on birth certificates or information provided. We will try to find out where distant relatives were born or married. We can also organize cemetery visits to find relatives.

We will combine the final results in a tour according to your needs and preferences; contact us for more details!